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Welcome from the Vicar

We are a diverse Christian community which gathers from all parts of Headington and from surrounding  areas. Our worship is in the modern catholic tradition of the Church of England. If it appeals to you, or you are just curious, I would love to see you at one of our many services or other activities.

The Church of England’s network of parishes cover the whole country, bringing a vital Christian dimension to the nation as well as strengthening community life in numerous urban, suburban and rural settings. We play an active role in national life, with members involved in a wide range of public bodies. Twenty-six bishops are members of the House of Lords and are engaged in debates about legislation and national and international affairs. The Church of England is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Anglicanism is one of the traditions, or expressions, of the Christian faith. 85 million members in 165 countries are part of national or regional Churches that call themselves Anglican (or Episcopal in some countries). Anglicans and Episcopalians the world over share aspects of their history, tradition and ways of worshipping. But no two churches are exactly alike even within a diocese, let alone a province or between countries. This unity in diversity is one of the things that makes the Anglican Communion so special and provides rich ground from which to change the world. It is Catholic but not Roman Catholic; it is Reformed but not Protestant. It is the State Church in some countries and a small Christian minority in others.

You are always welcome to join us at one of our services or other events. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Fr Darren

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