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Weddings at St Andrew's

Saint Andrew’s Church makes a wonderful setting for weddings.


It used to be that to be married in a church you had to be resident in the parish, but now we use qualifying connections which can be through your parents or grandparents. Please contact one of the clergy if you are uncertain about your eligibility. 

  • Church Service - £441.00

  • Organist - £80.00

  • Verger - £20.00

  • Bells - £20.00 per rope (we have a choice of 6 or 8 ropes)

All the legal work for your marriage is looked after by the local church, unless you need to be married by Common Licence or an Archbishop’s Special Licence. The clergy can advise you on this.

It may be that you are getting married in a church elsewhere but you are resident in St Andrew’s parish. In that case you will need to have your Banns read at St Andrew’s church. Please contact one of the clergy to arrange this.

  • Publication of Banns - £29.00

  • +£14.00 if a certificate has to be issued (this applies when banns are read in the parish in which you are resident if it is not the parish in which you are being married).

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