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Baptisms at St Andrew's

Baptisms are a regular part of the life of a Christian community. It is the sacrament which marks the beginning of our Christian life. Baptism gives us a new start as we come to know the forgiveness of God in our lives. We die with Christ so that we may live his risen life. We are clothed with Christ. We are given a new dignity as children of God and brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.


Anyone can be baptized. You can only be baptized once in your life.

Baptism is about making a start, so you do not need to have been coming to church regularly.  The important thing is that you intend to come to church when you have been baptized, so that you are par of the new family that you have joined.

Please contact one of the clergy if you would like to explore the gift of baptism for yourself or your children.

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